“EASILY Create Beautiful, Professional-Looking Illustrations for Your Children’s Book…EVEN If You’re Color Blind and Can’t Draw a Straight Line!”
Revealed! Little-Known Illustration Techniques That Have Been Used in Some of the Most Successful New York Times Children’s Bestsellers!

From the Desk of Tony Laidig

RE: Your Children’s Book Illustrations…

I hate to admit it…embarassing but true…I’ve worked as an artist for most of my life, and can’t even draw a straight line (well, I DO know how to use a ruler). I loved to draw and paint as a kid, but my Dad’s canned response to me every time I showed him my latest creation should have clued me in…”That’s good, Son, but you can do better!” Perhaps that explains why my folks feared for my future well-being when I announced, fresh out of high-school, that I wanted to pursue art as a career. The look on their faces was worth a thousand words…

They thought I was crazy and needed to get a REAL job…seriously (they said that)!

Thanks Mom and Dad! I appreciate the love and support! I set out to prove my parents wrong and began working as a photographer and later as a graphic artist and book designer for a Christian Publishing Company. With a LOT of persistence and hard work, I achieved the success as an artist I had hoped for…NOT as an illustrator but as a computer-based artist.

Canon Drawing

While working in the Publishing Industry, one of the trends I noticed was that it seemed EVERYONE had a children’s book they wanted to publish…it was kind of a running joke. I was even approached on numerous occasions to illustrate them and I refused every time. Why? Because (remember) I couldn’t draw to save my life! Over time, I realized that the MAJOR problem in succeeding with children’s books ALWAYS came down to the SAME issue…the illustrations!

 Every single author I met who wanted to publish a
children’s book struggled with illustrations!

It’s like that is YOUR problem too! Sure you could hire an illustrator to create your book’s illustrations for you but you will likely encounter one of two problems…1) Getting quality illustrations are expensive; or 2) Your illustrations will look like crap! The ONLY exception is if you or someone you know can actually draw or paint…and that’s likely NOT the case! What’s even MORE frustrating is that the children’s e-book market is EXPLODING right now…experiencing 475% growth…and it’s not likely to change anytime soon thanks to tablets and smartphones!

So…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, if you want to succeed as a children’s book author, you need GREAT illustrations. After all, THAT is how children connect to the story. They may not be able to read but they can look at the illustrations! Even my own sister had many conversations with me about a children’s book she wrote. It’s a wonderful story but HER problem is the same as YOURS…

Is there a way to create quality illustrations without being an artist?

Walking robotI needed to find a solution to this…a solution that ANYONE could use to create their OWN illustrations and have them look amazing. The other day I was thinking about this while emptying some old boxes in my basement when TWO discoveries got me REALLY excited about a possible solution…I found two graphic novels I had “illustrated” years ago using a specific method and found two comic book covers I had designed back when I was experimenting with some new design methods.

That’s when the answer hit me like a TON of bricks…

I actually had known how to create illustrations for children’s books for YEARS and it never even occurred to me. I didn’t realize the knowledge “GOLD” I had until that moment. After a lot of experimenting and testing, I KNEW I was onto a solution that ANYONE could use to create as many illustrations for children’s books as they needed! Imagine this…what if you could:


  • Illustrate your ENTIRE children’s book in an afternoon with amazing-looking illustrations.
  • Work with many of the popular mediums like pencil or oils WITHOUT having to learn how to draw or paint.
  • Draw from dozen’s of different illustration styles to establish your own “look.”
  • Finally tell your story visually in a way that would make you proud and that would do the story justice

Great News…You CAN!
“Easy Book Illustrations”

The Easy Book Illustrations Platinum Training consists of three levels, including…

“Easy Book Illustrations: Platinum Edition”

In the Level One Illustration Training series (6 videos), you will discover:

  • The BEST photographic methods to use for your book illustrations
  • Planning your photographs for illustrating your book
  • Pencil and Pen & Ink Illustration methods step-by-step
  • Painting Style Illustrations and how to create them step-by-step
  • Comic book illustrations and other design effects step-by-step
  • A SECRET source for finding and using illustrations you can use for FREE 
  • Choosing the best (and right) programs, plugins and more (both free and paid)
  • Preparing your illustrations for print and digital publishing
  • And MUCH more!

In the Level Two Illustration Training series (6 videos), we cover:

  • Step-by-step methods I’m using to transform old comics into “new” illustrations
  • Advanced image rendering combining multiple illustration techniques
  • Reverse engineering some of the most popular “real” illustrations and how we can achieve similar results
  • Turning character photographs into cartoony and exaggerated fun illustrations
  • Advanced compositing methods for more inventive illustrations
  • Turning static characters from comics into poseable figures for new illustrations
  • Using 3D modeling tools to create new worlds and characters
  • And MUCH more!

In the Level Three Illustration Training series (7 Videos), we focus on:

  • Understanding 3D Space
  • The Elements of Your 3D Universe
  • Materials and Textures and How to Use Them
  • The Necessary Elements of our “3D Set”
  • Discover How to “Trick” Poser Into Allowing 2D Characters.
  • Character Options in Poser and Daz Studio Pro
  • Rendering Characters With Transparency for Compositing (Alpha Channels)
  • More Posing and Camera Methods in Daz Studio Pro
  • Creating 3D Landscapes for Our Characters
  • Designing Art Brushes from Scratch in Adobe Illustrator
  • And MUCH more!

“Easy Book Illustrations: Masters Series, Volumes 1 & 2”

In the Masters Series, Volume One (Level Four) Illustration Training series (6 Videos), we focus on:

  • Six Illustration Styles Inspired by Bestselling Children’s Books
  • Build Upon Existing Illustration Methods
  • Discover New Illustration Techniques
  • And MUCH more!

In the Masters Series, Volume Two Illustration Training series (6 Videos still being taught LIVE), we focus on:

  • Six NEW Illustration Styles Inspired by Bestselling Children’s Books
  • Build Upon Existing Illustration Methods
  • Discover New Illustration Techniques
  • And MUCH more!

“I’ve Also Included Special BONUSES”

Bonus #1

Create “How-to” Books from Photographs

pizza1sm pizza2sm

In this BRAND-NEW Training webinar, you will discover:
  • The process for the photos
  • The process for the writing
  • Using video to create Kindle Books
  • Preparing for Kindle and Print
  • And Much More!

Bonus #2

Special Video and e-Book Training Case Studies on creating illustrations using the Expressions illustration program (with a free download of the program for both Mac and PC)

Bonus #3

Printable Storyboard Template for planning your book illustrations!
Microsoft Word - EBI_Storyboard.docx

Bonus #4

Dedicated Facebook Group for asking questions about the training, sharing your own illustrations, announcing your published books and MORE!
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You can get started TODAY to create professional-looking illustrations for YOUR books, as well as for your clients. You can gain access to this ENTIRE training series right away!

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