“EASILY Create and Develop the PERFECT Characters for Your Children’s Book That Your Readers Will LOVE!”

From the Desk of Tony Laidig

RE: Your Children’s Book Illustrations…

When it comes to illustrating your book, your characters and how they are illustrated provide the visual foundation for your entire story. You’ve probably wondered. “What form should my character take on? What should they look like?” 

Should they be human? An animal? An object of some sort?


Should they be illustrated realistically or as a cartoon?


Photographic or 3D?


Hand-Drawn or Digital?


Naturally colored or loud and outrageous?


As you can see, there are a LOT of choices that can vastly impact the style, appearance and end result of your book!

For instance, all 4 bestselling books below feature cats, but as you can see, their styles are radically different!


So you might be wondering…

“How do I decide which character style makes sense for MY story?”

The truth is, developing your story’s characters and bringing them to life visually can be one of the most rewarding and fun (and, at times, challenging) parts of the process. Because this aspect of your story is SO vitally important to the success of your picture book, I’ve decided to create a brand-new training to explore and ANSWER that question!



In this brand-new, extended 4-Module Webinar Training Series, we will answer all your questions…to help you develop, create and illustrate amazing characters your readers will love!

In this 4-Part LIVE Extended Training Webinar training series, you will discover:

Module One: 

  • Foundational Character Development
  • Creating Relatable Characters for Your Story.

    Module Two: 

    • Adults and Children as Characters
    • Animals as Characters.

      Module Three: 

      • Objects and Things as Characters
      • Finding Characters in the Public Domain

        Module Four: 

        • 2D & 3D Character Illustration Techniques
        • Handmade Toys and Figures as Characters.