“EASILY Illustrate Your OWN Children’s Book Using Hollywood’s Secret Strategy of Working With Miniatures!”
Revealed! How Using Photos of Miniatures Enables You to Illustrate Your Children’s Book Like a Pro!

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RE: Illustrating With Miniatures…

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While working in the Publishing Industry, I couldn’t help but notice that it seemed EVERYONE had a children’s book they wanted to publish. That trend continues today…perhaps even MORE so! I realized that EVERY children’s book author (or potential author) struggled with the SAME problem. It ALWAYS came down to the SAME issue…the illustrations!

 Every single author I met who wanted to publish a
children’s book struggled with illustrations!


It’s likely that is YOUR problem too!
Sure you could hire an illustrator to create your book’s illustrations for you but you will likely encounter one of two problems…

1) Getting quality illustrations are expensive; or

2) Your illustrations will look like crap!

The ONLY exception is if you or someone you know can actually draw or paint…and that’s likely NOT the case! What’s even MORE frustrating is that the children’s e-book market is EXPLODING right now…experiencing 475% growth…and it’s not likely to change anytime soon thanks to tablets and smartphones!

So…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, if you want to succeed as a children’s book author, you need GREAT illustrations. After all, THAT is how children connect to the story. They may not be able to read but they can look at the illustrations! Even my own sister had many conversations with me about a children’s book she wrote. It’s a wonderful story but HER problem is the same as YOURS…

Is there a way to create quality illustrations without being an artist?

Over the past year, I have been committed to working with authors all over the world to help them illustrate their OWN books and have them look amazing. And without realizing it, I stumbled into what is, perhaps, the coolest and fun way for the average person or budding children’s book author to illustrate their own book (or someone else’s) ever!

Use Illustrations That Are Created From Photographing Miniatures!

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It started with a visit to a gift shop in Gettysburg, PA. I spotted a cute little Viking doll. I had wanted to shoot a photo series featuring toys (inspired by the Stormtrooper365 series) and thought this figure might be perfect. I didn’t realize the “GOLD” I had stumbled upon until that moment. I snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook and the reaction told me that I was headed in the right direction. After a lot of experimenting and testing, I KNEW I was onto a solution that ANYONE, including YOU, could use to create as many illustrations for children’s books as they needed!

Imagine this…what if you could:

  • Illustrate your ENTIRE children’s book in an afternoon with amazing-looking illustrations.
  • Work with many of the popular mediums like pencil or oils WITHOUT having to learn how to draw or paint.
  • Draw from dozen’s of different illustration styles to establish your own “look.”
  • Finally tell your story visually in a way that would make you proud and that would do the story justice.
Great News…You CAN!

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ALL THE ILLUSTRATIONS featured on this page were created using miniatures. Even though I have already taught a LOT of strategies for creating amazing illustrations from photographs, I realized that coming up with easy-to-create scenes was STILL a challenge. My own personal solution has been to use miniatures and so, after a solid year of experimenting and testing, I’ve decided to share EVERYTHING I’ve learned about photographing and illustrating with miniatures in a brand-new, in-depth training…

Introducing, “Easy Book Illustrations: Miniatures”

“Easy Book Illustrations: Miniatures”

In this 6-Part LIVE Training Webinar training series, you will discover:

Module One: Foundations

In this first module, we will dig into the planning and preparation for creating your photographs to illustrate your book and create other visual products. The groundwork you will discover in this training will position you perfectly to succeed with miniatures.

Module Two: Character Sourcing

In this module, you will discover where to find character miniatures, props and more that you can actually use to create your story illustrations. We will also cover building your own characters, 3D printed characters and more!

Module Three: Set Building

In this module, we will cover how to create the environments and sets you need for your characters. You will see how to easily build sets, where to find buildings and natural objects and much more!

Module Four: Lighting

Proper lighting is the secret to creating amazing-looking photos from your miniatures. You’ll learn about the best types of lighting to use, how to light your sets without spending a bunch of money, and much more in this module!

Module Five: Special Effects

You may find that, at times, you want to achieve an end result with your scenes but are unsure how to accomplish it. In this module, we will dive into the best ways to use green screen and compositing, wire removal and much more.

Module Six: Photography

This module will dive into the photography itself. You need to know the best camera options, best lenses, accessory gear, exposure settings and much more.

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